The process of manufacturing linens and textiles, the technology, and the equipment of textile production, as well as the choices in product dyeing, are decisive factors for the final quality of each product. For us at TerryTex, it is important for our customers to know the production process of towels and textiles, which takes place in our factory in Acharnes.

Production Process of TerryTex Towels

The stages we follow for producing a towel are:

  • Selection of the yarn
  • Creation of the roll through warping
  • Placing it on the loom for the weaving stage
  • Possibility of weaving a logo or other design if requested
  • Production of the towel on the loom, which is then sewn and dyed
  • Fabric dyeing process for monochrome towels
  • Yarn dyeing process for two-color towels
  • Cutting the fabric into the desired pieces and sewing them
  • Packaging the order and delivery to the customer

Additionally, at TerryTex, we use state-of-the-art equipment, with electronic looms that allow us to consistently meet the demands with precision and quality even for the most demanding orders.

Moreover, we adhere to the strictest quality controls that ensure and certify the superiority of our products and validate the final choice of trust for each of our customers, both domestically and internationally.